Like those of Villa E-1027 and the Etoile de Mer, the garden around Le Corbusier’s Cabanon is a natural extension of the dwelling.

It cannot be understood without reference to the concept of the “outside house” as highlighted by researchers such as Jean-Lucien Bonillo or Bruno Chiambretto.

Near the Cabanon, the carob tree sets the tone, dominating the prickly pears, yuccas and the agaves, which scramble down the slope towards the rocks. The garden also features typically Mediterranean plant species: pines, eucalyptus, pistachios, euphorbias, yuccas, prickly pears, lentiscus, Rhamnus alaternus, Phillyrea etc. It’s a very “natural” area, contrasting with the more landscaped gardens of the Etoile de Mer.


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