The paintings

Le Corbusier’s murals, which with dashes of colour polychromatically complement and offset the austerity of the minimalist habitat he had designed, decorate a wall of the entrance to the Cabanon and the inside panels of the two folding shutters.

The first painting executed by Le Corbusier in the Cabanon decorates the entrance.

This is one of the first works in the series of 21 “Taureaux” (bulls) that kept the architect busy until the end of his days. One of the sources of inspiration for this painting which blends several motifs and ideas was a still life. The oxen he had drawn at Ozon in 1941 were another. Le Corbusier himself admitted that he regarded the Taureaux series as a ‘total and intimate Corbu-Yvonne confession’. On the other side of the wall, he painted another picture representing the Rebutato family and their dog by the sea.

Inside the Cabanon, the artist painted on cardboard a series of figures, several of which allude to Yvonne. He also decorated the shutters with female figures.

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