The restoration

Often ill treated by its successive owners, one of whom was murdered on the spot, the villa, emptied of its furniture, was in a severely degraded condition when it was bought by the Conservatoire du littoral in 1999.


Major restoration work has been carried out on the site, under the project management of, first, DRAC PACA (Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs for the Provence), then the Conservatoire du littoral and now Cap Moderne.
These works have involved rehabilitation not only of the structure of the building but the internal fittings and the garden. The DRAC and Pierre-Antoine Gatier, chief architect of Historic Monuments charged with project management for the restoration process, were at pains to lay the emphasis on conservation, endeavouring wherever possible to preserve the villa’s original features. Consequently, in spite of their extreme fragility, the large “accordion” picture window in the living room, the tiled floors, and the few items of fixed furniture still in place have been preserved, the aim being to adhere as faithfully as possible to the spirit, refinement, elegance and experimental nature of the design.

By the same token, Le Corbusier’s murals have been retained and restored as they embody a key phase in the history of the villa’s occupation and are a reminder of the indelible imprint left by the architect.

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