Rules and recommendations

A significant part of the tour takes place outside and there are numerous flights of steps, staircases and changes of level. You should therefore wear walking shoes and clothes suited to the prevailing weather.

No backpacks, umbrellas, pushchairs or any other items our qualified staff consider to be a safety or security hazard may be brought on to the premises.

Bags may be deposited in special lockers at the beginning of the tour.

It is forbidden to smoke, eat or drink on the premises

No pets are admitted.

The site is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility. 

Children under 7 years old are not recommended

Pushchairs are forbidden

Les photos sont strictement interdites à l’intérieur du Cabanon 



Only photographs intended for strictly personal use may be taken; the guide will give you an opportunity to do so at frequent intervals

Any photography intended for public distribution or for commercial purposes requires the prior authorization of the rights holders (application to be sent to Cap Moderne). Note that the rights holders are extremely vigilant in this respect and will take legal action against anyone infringing this rule.

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